We must be willing to get down and dirty


Dear Editor,

All of recorded history and currently observed political activities reveal that men (mainly) are little interested in the plight of the people or the type and quality of government that we have.  Perhaps all, but in any case an outstanding majority, are in it for the opportunity to harvest some unearned income from the people’s coffers.

Right, left, and any in-between continually battle for a better place at the trough. (I don’t know of any exceptions, do you?)

We should not avoid that “free-for-all” because it is so dirty and demeaning or any other reason. It is our only opportunity to maintain our own status. We have to recognize that everything is “on the line” every day, and every day there will be a winner and a loser.

If we don’t watch them closely and raise a big stink when they deviate from honest representation of our best interests, we will be taken to the “cleaners.”

—Jerry Baird


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