We have forgotten why we fought for independence


Dear Editor,

It was satisfying, even enjoyable, trying to figure these political things out.

Vote one way, and our wages stagnate. Vote the other way, and our jobs disappear overseas (with a giant sucking sound). Complain to your politician or mine, and he promises to cut taxes. He does follow through and cuts taxes— for millionaires and billionaires.

What is wrong with this picture?

Could it be that it is all a sideshow, a scripted distraction to divert our attention away from the fact that our economy has come full circle?  We have regressed back into the ‘bad old days’ when the king and his minions had all the money and control while we the people had neither.

Back then we could either dance to his tune or we could look forward to an early pauper’s grave.

Since we live in “fly-over country,” it’s unlikely that we can effect any change in our existing political system.

I’m sorry, I misspoke! We do not have a political system!  We have two gangs of grafters who both have allegiance only to their own personal bottom line.

We the people can, as my father used to say, “suck the hind teat,” or we can rise up as we did 242 years ago and make a few necessary changes.

—Jerry Baird


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