We don’t need a county administrator here


Dear Editor,

Great News! 

I read in last Thursday’s News Letter Journal that the Weston County Administrator resigned from his position. 

I worked at the Weston County Courthouse for 25 years. Guess what? We never had a county administrator. 

In fact, when I went to work there, we only had three commissioners. That was when our town had all kinds of stores and businesses. 

Why did we need a county administrator? We have five elected officials and five well paid commissioners. By the way, they meet twice a month and very rarely meet at night. 

The city council and school board meet at night. The school board handles more money than anybody and they get zero pay. I think the county administrator made over $60,000 a year, with full benefits, and didn’t even live in Weston County. So, why did the taxpayers have to pay him to go back and forth to work? 

The county will save a lot of money by not hiring another county administrator. Let the elected officials and the commissioners do their job!

—Homer Hastings


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