We don’t ever seem to learn our lesson


Dear Editor,

We currently have two half-wits  threatening nuclear death and destruction. How smart is that?

Did we not learn anything from Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We have citizens dying in the streets from lack of medical intervention. Where are we— in deepest, darkest, central Africa? We have other citizens going nuts and shooting up the neighborhood. Some shoot up schools, others relieve their angst by gunning down whole outdoor concerts.

They should be in the “Funny Farm” where it is unlikely that they can hurt anybody much less multitudes. A few years back we really needed to “balance the budget” and so the administration stopped funding mental health, hence, no funding for the funny farm..

By most accounts Carlos Slim of Mexico has more wealth than any other individual in the whole world. Makes one wonder, what is the average wealth of the Mexican population? We, the good old USA, have a whole batch of “Masters of the Universe” whose vast storehouses of wealth is being added to by the new tax bill while the rest of us pay more and pay more. Is that exactly what we voted for?

Our state, Wyoming, has an ever  decreasing income. Ever decreasing demand for fossil fuels has cut off the state’s income. What will we do?

Exactly the wrong thing if politicians have anything to do with it. You don’t have to believe me, just reread the first sentence of this letter.

—Jerry Baird


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