We can’t expect change to come from cronys


Dear Editor,

During their time in office, the perception was that the Democrats failed to improve the lot of the average working man or restrain the avarice of the one percent. This was probably one of many contributing factors to the rise of Trump. That factor and their evermore obvious relationship with the big banks and Wall Street ended any hope of winning.

Unfortunately, the average voter did not notice that the big financial institutions and Wall Street have a controlling interest in both parties.  Hence, the usual oligarchs will continue to harvest tax free profits and sequester them overseas, paying nothing to the socio-economic infrastructure that made it all possible.

As inflation continues to erode the buying power of wages and our ‘standard of living’ continues to decline, we may begin to wonder, “How did this all happen?”

We thought that  our political primary process would ‘weed out’ the most obvious swindlers and other undesirables. For some reason it worked out in reverse this time.

It has been all downhill ever since. Besides “Yuge” tax cuts for the wealthy (especially himself) he also intends to take away our Social Security and give it to Wall Street.  Medicare and Medicaid goes to the highest bidder— probably the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, the tax reductions are real enough— for those with the very highest incomes. For the rest of us – not so much. It is hard to pay income tax when you have little or no income.

Certainly not one current beneficiary of the system will be anxious to change anything.

The Koch brothers are our country’s, not my, problem. Their munificent support of all things Libertarian is in direct defiance of that part of the Preamble that says: “to promote the general welfare.” The only welfare they will be promoting is their own.

In addition to their highly profitable world-wide operations, they also fund and direct many so-called “think tanks.”  Their main purpose is to develop and implement stratagems to completely control our economy. One example is ALEC. It is a squadron of Koch lawyers who write “ideal” legislation, which they present and promote to state legislators.

Is this the way democracy and capitalism is supposed to work?

For starters we have a republic, not a democracy.  And further, we have cronyism not capitalism.  If you don’t like that, you will have to change it yourself. You will have to get help.

Cronyism will be fiercely defended by its beneficiaries and they are many— 100 in the Senate, many more in the House minus some who got sent home for being naughty.

There are several other countries whose governments treat their citizens far better than we treat ours.  Can we come up with any reasonable excuse for letting “cronyism” harvest the fruits of our intellect, education and labor.

While our sick go untreated? While our young go unschooled? While our infrastructure deteriorates? While the (heating) air we breathe threatens our very existence?

Back in the Stone Age, International Business Machine had a slogan especially appropriate for today— “Think.”

We have survived worse attacks on our general well-being, and we will survive this one.

—Jerry Baird


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