Voting venue to change


The voting venue for Newcastle voters is scheduled to change in 2020 after a vote by the Weston County Commissioners on April 17. According to Weston County Clerk Jill Sellers, Newcastle voters have cast their ballots at the National Guard Armory since 1984, while voters outside of Newcastle have used separate locations. 

The Weston County Commissioners made the decision to move the Newcastle polling location to the Weston County Events Center beginning in 2020. Commissioner Tracy Hunt motioned to have the location changed for the 2018 election but his motion fell due to a lack of majority vote, although Commissioners Hunt and Marty Ertman voted in favor of moving the venue this year. 

Sellers openly spoke against moving the voting venue for this year’s election. She noted that her concerns with switching for the 2018 election was making the change so close to the actual election without public input. 


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