Voting issues discussed


KateLynn Slaamot


A community voting meeting was held at the Weston County Events Center on Feb. 27 to enlighten voters about the future of voting in Wyoming, and although attendance was sparse, County Clerk Jill Sellers presented issues and options dealing with the future of voting in Wyoming to those who attended.

Sellers discussed many issues related to the future of voting in the county. Polling places require at least three election judges from the separate parties in order to operate, and Weston County has some concerns in this area. More election judges are needed, and according to Sellers, young people who are interested in helping with elections could be tapped as judges in the future.

Sellers also noted that new and improved voting equipment is necessary because Weston County’s current equipment is approaching the end of its usefulness. The state’s county clerks are responsible for purchasing new equipment at decent prices, and they are seeking a source of funding. Those involved in the “Plan For Aging Voting Equipment,” a task force created by the Wyoming Secretary of State, are also exploring possible avenues of funding.


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