Upton school district donates computers to museums


By Jenna Piper 


Much history can be found in Weston County’s museums, and since Weston County School District #7 donated computers to the Red Onion Museum in Upton and the Anna Miller Museum in Newcastle last November, history research will be more accessible the public.

“They got new ones at the school district up there, and because we are a government entity they were then able to pass them on and gift them to us,” Anna Miller Museum Director Bobbi Jo Tysdal told the News Letter Journal. “Both of us being educational facilities, it was very appropriate for them to give them to us.”

She explained that the museum has had computers and access to the research programs for years, but they were only for staff use. The public would have to request information, and the museum staff would have to do the research for them. People could/can go to the library as well, but Tysdal said the library doesn’t have all the subscriptions to research programs that the museum possesses.


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