TOPS: Shrinking their waists while enlarging their hearts with happiness


Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

To lose weight and to keep it off, without trying to adhere to short-term, crazy, fad diets and workout regimens that only last for a couple of weeks, many people in Newcastle have turned to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) to reach their weight-loss goals and to stay there once they get there.

“I think everybody has tried every way possible (to lose weight),” said Jane Capps, director of TOPS WY 0218.

Those who have joined TOPS did so because all other methods of losing weight didn’t work for one reason or another, Capps said. According to Capps, the TOPS program, on the other hand, relies solely on a weekly weigh-in and peer support to help each member lose his or her undesired weight.


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