To the rescue


Mock rescues keep search and rescue team up to date

Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

The Weston County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue organization conducted a mock dive search and rescue at the LAK lake on June 30. The group of volunteers held a second mock rescue, this time a rope rescue training, on July 7 at White Rock, a rocky terrain filled with cliffs 70 feet and higher, located northeast of Newcastle.

During the first exercise, team members were tasked with finding a missing person at LAK lake. The team went through many steps that simulated a case in which a real person was lost somewhere in the lake. According to Connie Tooman, chairman of the search and rescue group’s fund development committee, members conducted a witness interview, formed two different teams, made grids in which to conduct their search and finally located the body of the “missing” person. 

A man tracking team and a dive team conducted the operation. The man tracking team, Connie said, was in charge of locating where the person entered and/or exited the lake in order to find a starting point, while the dive team was in charge of diving to find the missing person.


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