Time to quit whining about Trump’s win


Dear Editor,

Why can’t the anti-Trumpers grow-up and accept reality?

Trump is president and will be for several more years. The rest of us felt the same way all the time Obama was president, but we went on with our lives and did not waste time. We did not demonstrate and cry about it for a year. We accepted and moved on, knowing that it too would pass.

Trump may not have been our favorite, but he certainly is better than Hillary would have been.

What has Trump done that is so bad? The stock market is up a third.  Nancy Pelosi’s net worth increased from $175 million to probably over $200 million, but is she thankful? GDP growth is up, unemployment is down, the military funding is increasing, ISIS is diminished, regulations have been diminished, the mandated tax on ACA is gone, corporate and personal taxes are down, conservative judges are appointed, the Israeli embassy is going to be where Congress said it should be twenty years ago.

There must be something else to complain about. He has accomplished things none of the other candidates would even try.

There has been a common complaint about the politicians in Washington and the way they do things, and that the government should be run more like a business.  Now we have a non-politician businessman in the office, and the public complains more than ever. Is there an answer to those who have a problem with our government?

How many people are aware that Obama has formed a committee “Organizing for Action” for the express purpose of getting rid of Trump? Tom Steyer has put up $20 million for the same purpose. Such action by a former president is without precedent.

Obama was totally unqualified to be president, and may go down as the worst. Even Bill Clinton accepted George Bush, and they became friends.

—Don Thorson


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