Time for the good guys to be curmudgeons too


Dear Editor,

Curmudgeon is a word I had never heard of until March 9 of this year when ‘out of towner’ Mark J. Ukkonen used it in the NLJ to describe Jerry Baird and his NLJ articles (re: “We would like solutions instead of complaints,” page 2). Last week ‘out of towner’ Keith Borgelt used it again in the NLJ to describe a confrontation with one of our local traffic policemen (re: “Visitor doesn’t appreciate bypass ‘speed trap,’ page 2).

Curmudgeon is defined as a surly, ill-mannered, bad-tempered cantankerous fellow. I agree with Bill Lunney’s article to boycott the NFL over their players taking a knee during the National Anthem (re: “Anthem protests disrespect those who gave you the right,” August 31, 2017, page 2). Many of us need to become curmudgeons and boycott after this past weekend’s action by billionaire NFL owners demanding their millionaire players kneel to the money system of Caesar in their Roman coliseums, and defy honoring our nation with the National Anthem.

The Dallas Cowboy owner would not allow his players to wear a sticker honoring Dallas’ five dead policemen killed during last year’s Black Lives Matter movement. Instead, he united his team around this killer dissension attitude. Hillary Clinton came out in support of this Black Lives Matter action and called her Democrats to unite behind it, and some local Newcastle Democrats I argued with supported these ridiculous kneeling to Caesar demonstrations.

‘Out of towner’ Mark Ukkonen had it correct when he called Baird the ‘curmudgeon of Newcastle,’ and called upon him to offer solutions instead of complaints. Baird’s last NLJ article called for tarring and feathering those he disagrees with, but the action he calls for needs to be applied to Baird himself (re: “Conspirators manipulate our natural competitiveness,” September 28, 2017, page 2).

John R. Larsen’s NLJ article called upon residents to get involved, and rightly so (re: “City projects need to reflect needs of city residents,” September 28, 2017, page 2). Nothing happens until “We the People” rise up and speak. “We the People” are the words of the U.S. Constitution, which personify our highest law of the land. Baird wishes to trash our U.S. Constitution with the Constitutional Convention, which will inplement the ‘Constitution for the New States of America’ written by Rexford G. Tugwell. Tugwell published his preliminary draft in 1970 and his final draft in 1974. The Center for Study of Democratic Institution funded it annually at the tune of $2,500,000.

Baird is simply a noisy babbling curmudgeon brook signifying nothing. He needs to shut up and listen. Instead, he echoes the fake news of the ‘Mockingbird Operation’ or the ‘Mighty Wurlizter’ set up in 1947 after WWII to merge our country into a one world, ‘red Edomite communist’ government.

Sundai Balander’s NLJ articles, have revealed who actually owns and controls the media (re: “American media is feeding us lies about the world,” September 21, 2017, page 2). Her articles also reveal these same parasites control the seven levels of power: money, media, morals, markets, military, mind and medicine. This article you are reading now should raise their red flag in your mind over the winner of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, funded by NY and Wall Street, the ‘Edomite’ fake Jew of Revelations 2:9, whom God repeatedly says in the Bible, He is going to destroy by fire.

—Terry Elliott 


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