Time for Dems to show loyalty to country


Dear Editor,

To what do the Democratic members of Congress owe their allegiance, the United States of America or the Democratic Party?

Recently, a member of Congress said that it is her job to oppose the Republican Party. As a member of Congress, it should be her duty to serve the country instead of her party.

When Obama was president and Reed was speaker, they stopped everything the Republicans had to offer. Remember when the Republicans tried to offer to help with the ACA (Obamacare)? His reply was, “We won.” That’s the way it was.

Everything the Republicans offered was stalled in the Senate. The Republicans have solicited input from the Democrats, but only receive obstruction. Pelosi told the members of the House they had to pass the ACA before they could read it. Apparently they are trying to oppose the AHCA without trying to read it also.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to slow down the process of government, and that is not the way our country is supposed to work.

The Democrats are so upset by their loss that they have lost any perspective they may have had. Their candidate was probably the poorest one ever. Obama had tried to install a quasi-monarchy in which he could make laws, the Senate was there to approve them, and the various bureaus were there to enforce them.

Trump may not be everyone’s choice for President, but he has done some good things. His choices for cabinet posts have been people who know something about what they are supposed to do, instead of a bunch of lawyers and academics who had never worked in the field they were supposed to be running. They are criticized for their wealth, but wealth is the most common gauge of success in this country.  Obama was a perfect example of a person who had no idea of how business works.

Liberals are supposed to be people who are open to ideas and discussion, but the Democrats left that idea behind in favor of progressivism a long time ago.

—Don Thorson


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