There’s a new tow truck driver in town


Abby Gray


Whether it be cutting down trees, plowing snow for those who need some assistance, mowing yards for those who fall behind, or caring for his ever-growing family, Jason Dean is quite the busy individual. However, he managed to find some room in that busy schedule of his when he recently started up a tow-truck business.

“You know, I kind of just do whatever I can to try to help out. I sell firewood, and this year I ended up just giving some away because people were cold and needed it, but couldn’t really afford it. So I just do whatever I can to help out,” Dean noted.

Though he cites towing as his second job, he was somewhat forced into the role, and his services are actually free of charge. Jason explained that he came into the business after his father died a year ago. His father had many beautiful, old cars, and Dean did not want others to end up with them. So, he did what he had to do and bought himself a tow-truck to be able to transport the cars himself without causing any damage to them.


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