There’s a high cost to graft and corruption


Dear Editor,

My apologies to Don, I have never meant any insult. (Re: “A few bad apples don’t spoil the capitalist bunch,” June 7, 2018, page 2)

Most of my Ietters are intended to refer to the end result of the systems we live with. I was  many years in Los Angeles and marveled at the many fine monuments to capitalism. New office buildings of the finest architecture dedicated to demonstrating the success of the capitalists who erected them. 

While huddled on the sidewalk beside that magnificent edifice lives the loser in the economic game. That little spot on the concrete provides bedroom, dining room and, unfortunately, sometimes bathroom. 

Elsewhere, hunkered down under bridges are some of the homeless people with severe mental problems. Booted out of their mental institutions when our ‘duly elected’ took the federal support money away, and gave it to the endless development of the useless F-35 fighter plane. 

Contracts for the manufacture of F-35 components were carefully parceled out to about 35 congressional districts (to assure passage of the bill in congress). It has been “in development” for years. I’m not sure that it has actually flown yet.

When Republican Eisenhower was President, income taxes on the “high incomes” was around 90 cents on every dollar of income. Much of that built our Interstate Highways with enough left over to maintain a civil domestic environment.

Neither capitalist nor civilian died or had to “camp out” during his time in office.

But, now it is a completely different environment. The capitalists; Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, all the other big financial institutions, in concert with many of “the makers,” who in turn are in cahoots with crooked politicians are destroying our “Shining City on a Hill.” 

Certainly, not everyone in business is among “the despicables” that I rail about.  But, we the electorate, ultimately are responsible.

—Jerry Baird


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