The missing pieces


This week, Leonard Cash told the News Letter Journal the story of the empty lot situated between the Cash Box Ceramics Shop and the next brick building to the east, that now houses a photography studio. Interestingly enough, the building that once stood in Block seven Lot 11 was built onto the ceramics shop, and eventually all three buildings were connected.

Meyer Frank purchased the lot adjoining the “new  brick bank  building”  —  now Cash Box Ceramics — on May 30,

1890, according to a historical issue of the News Letter Journal. Then, the Weston County  Gazette  reported  on May  26, 1890, that the old Grant Saloon was torn down to leave space for a new brick building to adjoin the bank. The building on the north side that stands now had not yet been erected. However, Cash says that the building was in fact not torn down but instead moved behind the old bank building before it was later demolished. The foundation for the 25-foot addition to Meyer Frank’s Bank of Newcastle was commissioned.


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