The love that keeps on giving


Married for nearly 55 years, Gerldine and Bill Anderson share a love most envy and a connection many will never find. Gerldine turns 93 years young in June, and she credits Bill, eight and a half years her junior, for her health and high spirits. The two continuously poke fun at each other with smirks on their faces and hands intertwined. While complimenting Gerldine on her youthful persona, Bill bantered with her.

“That’s from marrying a younger man,” he said, with a laugh.

Continuing the fun interplay, the Andersons told the story of how they met back in 1961. Bill, a Washington state native, was working logging camps in Alaska with a friend named Slim Benner from South Dakota. Benner was also a friend of Gerldine, and when Bill accompanied Benner home for a visit to Custer, he and Gerldine were introduced. Bill said Benner set him up, dropping him off at Gerldine’s before going out for a meal with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Gerldine fixed Bill a nice chicken dinner, and she hasn’t stopped since.


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