The Legendary Antlers Hotel (Part Two)


with Leonard Cash

There is not much in regards to records after the Thanksgiving dinner rolled out by Mrs. Showers, the Antler’s Hotel’s founder, in 1895, but a March 10, 1899 report from the News Letter Journal stated that The Antlers changed hands. Both Mr. and Mrs. Showers passed away in 1897, and Cash suspects the Kilpatrick Bros & Collins ran the hotel until it was leased to Mr. Carl Blank, an experienced hotel man out of Deadwood. (Kilpatrick Bros & Collins still owned the building.) Blank took charge with plans for improvements, and The Antlers got a new register in June of 1899.

Then in January of 1900, the News Letter Journal said that due to a rush of business at the hotel an additional dining room was needed. Miss Maggie Conly of Alliance and her girls ran the restaurant. During that time, The Antlers also had a barber shop where people could pay a dollar a month to use the shop’s fine bathroom equipment and all the baths one could desire.


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