The legacy of the Kilpatrick brothers


In the spirit of celebrating Newcastle’s Legacy Summer and the early influencers in the area, Leonard Cash added a few important faces to the History on Main series. The Kilpatrick brothers have a storied history in the Newcastle area, dating back to the railroad and Cambria’s inception. 

Cash has been meeting with the News Letter Journal each week, bringing files of records to discuss as part of every installment of the History on Main Series. This week, Cash sat in his usual chair at the Weston County Library, especially eager to discuss the Kilpatrick family — a family that has captivated Cash for many years. He proudly patted his fat file, and asked, “Are you ready? Look at all this!” 

Cash’s records largely rely on a book about the brothers titled, “It’s in the Blood: The Story of the Kilpatrick Brothers,” by Chris Millspaugh and Jean Swartling, as well as many newspaper articles and genealogy references about the family. Cash began by providing some background on the Kilpatricks.


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