The legacy of the Kilpatrick brothers


Part II

The Kilpatrick Brothers business ventures ranged from ranching and reservoirs to freighting and railroads to pipelines and tunnels to coal and oil—and everything in between. The brother’s influence spanned the western part of the United States, with special interest in Weston County and the state of Nebraska. Local historian Leonard Cash finished telling the Kilpatrick Brothers story in this week’s extra installment of the History on Main series. 

Last week’s timeline ended with the construction of William and Margaret Kilpatrick’s elegant private residence in Newcastle, finished in 1890. Cash spoke of another incident that also occurred around 1890 in his latest chat with the News Letter Journal. 

Cash explained that before the Kilpatrick Brothers made their way to Cambria, they built the railroad in Nebraska, as the Kilpatricks are from Beatrice, Nebraska. During this time, Robert J. Kilpatrick was supposed to bring the pay roll to the workers in Nebraska and must have forgotten.  Cash said the men working the railroad were so angry that they didn’t receive their pay, they were going to hang R. J. Luckily enough, a man by the name of Richard (Dick) Lake came riding by and rescued R. J. 


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