The course is ready


Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

Newcastle’s golf course is up and ready for linksmen near and far to fill the fairway, and the groundskeepers at the course have been putting in loads of work to make sure the playing field is up to par.

“They have to clean up all the trees, rake the sand traps, mow, check the water lines for leaks, set all the ball washers, yardage sticks, and all of that stuff,” Newcastle Country Club manager Sharon Rumbolz said. “They move the flags off the greens during the winter because they don’t want anyone going on the greens in the winter, so cups have to be reestablished. There is just a lot of man power in that first three weeks before we’re really up and moving.”

Though the weather has stopped some golfers from hitting the links right away, some members of the course have been out and have been quite impressed with what they have seen.


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