The best of small-town living


Well I was born in 

a small town

And I live in a small town

Probably die in a small town

Oh, those small communities


ack in the ‘80s, John Mellencamp sang all about the beauty of living in a small town – the family, the friends, and the fun memories made. 

The spirit of those lyrics was thriving last Wednesday as the community came together to celebrate Independence Day.  

There hasn’t always been a big draw to stay here in town on the Fourth of July. That was anything but the case this year, thanks to some hard work put in by a lot of our friends here in town.

Mondell Heights made it possible for Patrick Henry and Teddy Roosevelt to come to town to speak to a pretty big crowd after the parade. Mr. Henry reminded us all of the American spirit that fought for and won our independence, while Teddy reiterated the strength of the resolve of those who built communities in the untamed part of the country in which we live.

The turnout at the re-enactment was awesome, as Joshua Sellers (Patrick Henry) and Mark Stenson (Teddy Roosevelt) did a great job in bringing their characters to life. 

Teddy eventually left the stage, but the day’s activities were far from over. 

Pinnacle Bank offered our little town a pretty amazing concert in the evening that provided family friendly activities in addition to a great musical lineup. Bouncy houses gave hours of fun for the littles, local food and beverages were made available for all ages, and bands to suit a variety of tastes took the stage.

Once again, the community turned out in impressive numbers and the small town feeling was tangible as friends, family and even strangers spent several hours together simply having fun.

To end the night, the Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department put on a fantastic fireworks display.

That’s what small-town living is all about, and that’s what makes small town living so great.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with a couple who live in the suburbs of Chicago who raved about how much they loved spending time in the Black Hills because people are so friendly and it feels like home. 

While we may not have the amenities the big city offers, we are blessed to live in a community that feels like “home.”  

So, a big shout out goes to everyone who worked to provide this small town with a pretty great day and some fantastic memories – Pinnacle Bank, Mondell Heights, the Birdcage Theatrics Company, the Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department and the News Letter Journal.


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