Thankful that they’re here


When we all belly-up to our respective Thanksgiving spreads on Thursday, most of us will take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings we enjoy before we dive into the grub.

We will give thanks for our families, our homes, our friends, our jobs and whatever God-given talents and abilities we possess that helped secure those blessings. This Thanksgiving, we would also like to ask that you think about talents and abilities possessed by people you know in Weston County, and please pay particular attention to those who have used those talents and abilities to produce benefits for our community and the people who live here.

After you have given thanks for those people, and the gifts that they have made available to Newcastle and Weston County, please take a moment to drop us a line and nominate those individuals for our annual Person of the Year issue, which will be published on January 4.

Each year, the News Letter Journal recognizes 8-10 people in Weston County who have made an impact, and we are excited to find out who you— our readers— will nominate for this year’s award.

Person of the Year nominess can be elected officials, businessmen and women, and others who occupy positions of leadership in our community. But they can also be citizens who simply go out of their way and make special efforts to improve the quality of life of others through hard work, generosity or just simple kindness.

To nominate somebody for the NLJ’s 2017 Person of the Year award, simply email their name and a brief explanation to You can also drop off your nomination to our office on 14 W. Main in Newcastle or mail it to PO Box 40.


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