Teens should have a class on birth control


Teens should have a class on birth control

Dear Editor,

Now more than ever teens are seeing sex all the time, so they must be educated. Birth control has become a common quandary for teens today. Teens know about it, and they use it. However, teens should have to take a class provided by public health in order to use it. Knowing what birth control is, how to use it correctly, and the symptoms that come along with taking it will help a person realize that a class must be offered.

Many hear about birth control, but do they actually know what it is? It is any method used to prevent pregnancy, and there are many different methods of birth control. The include condoms, IUD’S— which is just something a doctor implants— and birth control pills. Teens use birth control, but usually know nothing about it. Since there are so many methods of birth control, teens who would attend the class would be more educated about it and would become safer when on any birth control method.

Many people know about birth control, but do they know how to use it the correct way? Many teens use whatever birth control they think is 100 percent, but no birth control is— for sure— 100 percent effective, and most methods are more difficult than people think. Teens usually don’t know how to correctly use birth control.

It depends on the girl, and what method she decides to use, but the most common one is the pill and there is a proper way to take the pill. First, one should know to take one pill every day at the same time of day. The pills come in a package, and the one taking the pill should take them from left to right. Then, one just takes one pill each day until they decide to not protect themselves any longer. Once the pills are gone, immediately get a new package and start taking those.

There are many other methods to taking birth control, and if there was a class teens could take, each method could be taught a little more in depth. Knowing how to take any birth control correctly is very important.

This class provided by public health would also include examples of birth control. It  would show how it works, and how to use it. The class would also show how a person could get pregnant, and how having a baby works. Overall, if this class would be provided, it would help teens better understand birth control.

Birth control is something all teens find necessary to use to be protected from becoming pregnant, and a class provided by Public Health should be an option for all teens so they have a better understanding of what they are.

—Johnna Dawson

(Ed. note: The preceding letters was written for an assignment in Debb Proctor’s Freshmen English class. Please send any responses to this letter to editor@newslj.com)


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