Tax bill just piles more on average folk


Dear Editor,

One of the things that should be  of public concern is that the radical right, in serving their own desires, will overstep the bounds tolerated by the underclass.

That has happened many times in history and never ends well for either group. The French Revolution is my favorite reference. Trump seems to be headed (no pun intended) down that path currently.

If we had a Congress that was less avaricious they might rein him in. But no, our Congress, consisting of millionaires and ‘wanna-bes’ join in and pass this abomination called “The Tax Bill.”

Trump and his family members will benefit greatly as will most of the members of Congress. The rest of us suckers not only get no benefit from Trump’s tax bill, but will be responsible for paying down the increased national debt it causes.

It does make me wonder, how much does he need to steal from us and otherwise mismanage the affairs of our country before righteous outrage sets in?

We the people have been seriously remiss in our duties as citizens. Could it be that democracy does not work for forever?

Who cares as long as we have the NFL and a cold brewski?

—Jerry Baird


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