Take-n-bake pizza joint opens in Antler’s Hotel


D & E’s Take -n- Bake Pizza recently opened in the historic Antlers Hotel. The business is owned by Elizabeth Heberling, who has always been a fan of the Antlers Hotel building and saw an opportunity to make her vision for the place come to life. With the help of her boyfriend, Mark Gladue, brother Patrick Heberling, and employee James Carmickel, Heberling made Take -n- Bake Pizza a reality.

Heberling said plans started to come together in late October after she chatted with Antlers’ owner Heidi Larsen, as they helped Dennis Bradshaw move some furniture in the building’s apartment. All three ladies hated to see the place closed, which encouraged Heberling to go forward with her plans.

D & E’s Take-n-Bake Pizza opened on Feb. 27, serving pizza and calzones and also offering appetizers, desserts and a few salads for people who just want to come in and grab a drink at the full-service bar. Customers can either sit down and enjoy their meal at the Antlers or take a pizza home to bake.


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