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CASPER — In Jackson, workers camp out in cars and tents.  In Cheyenne, hundreds commute from neighboring towns. Meanwhile, Laramie is struggling to attract new businesses, Wyoming Public Media reported last year.  All because of an affordable housing shortage.  Lawmakers will look for solutions...

399 with her 4 cubs around 7:30pm June 19, 2020 near the river by Signal Mountain Lodge.

Author: StevenPDeVries

Source: Own work

JACKSON — Hilary Cooley is worried about the season ahead for Grizzly 399 and her cubs, who have yet to emerge from hibernation. “The future’s not so bright for these guys,” she said during a meeting of state and federal wildlife and land managers Wednesday in Jackson. “They’ve been in a lot of...
JACKSON —After months of threatening to sue, the ACLU of Wyoming has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Teton County’s 24/7 Sobriety Program, saying that court-ordered daily drug and alcohol tests violate the constitutional rights of people not yet convicted of a crime. Originally created by a...

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