Jerry Baird

Dear Editor, Your latest issue, Jan 23, 2020, featured a FrontPage article describing TAC*ONE training for our Elementary School.  Possible violence which may involve an ‘Active Shooter’ prompts this training. I attended this school from the end of WWII until High School graduation.  We suffered no...
Correcting the shortcoming Dear Editor, The Editors observation that too many of these “letters”  have been only Negative and Strident is correct!  Henceforth, I will make every attempt to correct that serious shortcoming.  Beginning right now!  We are confronted with deadly serious climate-change...
Funding necessary Dear Editor, I had just indicated to our Editor that I would “lighten-up” on my letters.  Then the shooting in El Paso happened! It has been said before but I must repeat:   “Thoughts and prayers for the survivors are a damn poor substitute for the victims of such atrocities.”  ...

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