Summer REP follow up


The results for the Summer Regional Elite Performance (REP) program are in, and they look good. Fifty-six high school and middle school athletes took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the off-season training program and their hard work paid off as evidenced by increased speed, increased verticals and increased strength.

The six week program consisted of three days of one and a half hour workouts per week, and the main focus for the summer was on increasing strength, but still had the overall umbrella of being faster, more agile and stronger. Designed by Kellan Anderson of Black Hills State University and implemented by former Regional Health Athletic Trainer Nicole Ackermann, the REP program yielded impressive results.

“We saw gains, pretty much across the board,” Ackermann began. “We pre and post-tested in eight areas, and the smallest gain we saw was an increase in five areas and neutral results in three, but most athletes saw gains in all eight.”


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