Students and parents should be aware of EWC policy


Dear Editor,

It is has recently come to my attention that the Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees intends to adopt two new policies that I believe will compromise the moral standings of not only the college, but also the Goshen County community and the EWC service areas. As a recent EWC Graduate, I take great pride and ownership in the college. I write this with the best interest of the students, faculty, and community at heart.

The policies intended for adoption are “Board Policy 3.27 Transgender Employee Policy”, and “Board Policy 5.14 Transgender Student-Athlete Participation.” Board Policy 3.27 would require employees of the college to address other peers by the “pronoun with which they identify.” Whereas Board Policy 5.14 would allow that “a transgender student-athlete may participate in sex-separated sports activities.” 

The question cannot help but be asked— what happened to free speech and one’s personal moral beliefs? In a community as small as Torrington and the surrounding Goshen County area, it grieves me that there are such tyrannical powers in the college that wish to dictate the actions of our friends, neighbors, and the young people of this community. 

Additionally, what happens with the restrooms at the college? Board Policy 3.27 goes as far to state that an “employee is permitted access to restrooms and locker room facilities corresponding with their full-time gender identity.” This policy appears to open up the bathrooms to anyone – regardless if they are “trans-gender” or not. I can’t believe that I am the only person who is bothered by this.

In recent discussions with students at EWC, and with fellow community members, I have found that very few individuals know that this is happening at the college. I encourage you to learn more about these policies by visiting, click on the “About Us” tab on the left, and find them under the “Board Policies & Admin Rules” tab on the right side of the page. Additionally, I would encourage you to visit with the members of the Board of Trustees and voice your concerns to them. Action on these polices will take place at the regular board meeting on May 8 at 5:45 p.m. at the EWC Torrington Campus, Tebbet Room 274.

   —Chelsea Baars

2017 EWC Graduate

Goshen County


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