Set aside animosity to solve problems


Dear Editor,

My grandparents came over from Norway and Scotland. I think that George Washington or his parents came over from England.  Trump’s parents or grandparents came over from Germany. Even the people we call Native Americans came over from Siberia.  

We are a nation of immigrants. There is no rule that says “The last one in should pull up the ladder and close the door.”

Our strength is our diversity and the freedom to do the best we can do.

At the very beginning of our country great debates were entered into, some resulted in animosity.  But mostly everything was settled by agreement after civil discussion.  

That method resulted in a great country populated by a lot of great people with diverse opinions about how our government should be run.  

The Preamble and Declaration of Independence was the start of something good. That ‘good’ was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Today is just like back then. There are still disputes over what we should or should not do, but there is no room or need for animosity or vituperation. The law and the majority should still rule. As always, the people should be careful to not be influenced by the lies and machinations of those who seek unfair advantage.

—Jerry Baird


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