Separation anxiety is the only issue Dems have


Dear Editor,

The Democrats have become highly incensed with the immigration problem— which they have created.  

Perhaps they think they have finally found something they can focus on for the election.  It is somewhat ironic that the problem is one which was created by legislation which they passed years ago. The same solution was used during Obama’s presidency, but the news media generally did not pay attention to it.  

The immigration service has been separating women and children for years just as all law enforcement agencies do when they arrest a woman with children. These women cause their own problems because they think having a child with them will help them gain access to the country. No one is forcing them to break the law. There are probably thousands of homeless and hungry children in the US who would gladly trade places with the detained children.

With all of their emoting, no one makes mention of the thousands of children in the US who are taken from their parents by law enforcement, or by the crime waves in our largest cities which are all run by Democratic machine politicians.  

There was a recent shooting in the news which barely was mentioned, but then it was not a school so it was not newsworthy.  

It should be an embarrassment to be so hypocritical, but they never think about that side of something they think they can make political points with. The Democrats are so devoid of any issue for the election that they will elaborate all they can about anything that raises an emotional issue.

—Don Thorson


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