Senior Senator says seek the positive this election


Wondering who to vote for? 

Here’s what I’ve always told candidates. If you run, don’t do negative advertising, mailers or letters. They will and should come back to cost you votes. 

Here’s been my formula for how I choose a candidate. To vote, disregard those who focus on negative rhetoric. Look at the person’s own background and ideas. Whatever a person has done before they will keep doing, especially after they win. 

Blaming another person or distracting by pointing out another’s flaws can become a habit and wastes time. Something positive could have been done with that time. 

Vote for ideas. Discount or write off negative campaigners. When I ran for U.S. Senate, Diana made me agree there would be no negative ads. Voters seem to appreciate positive information and will show it with their votes.

—Senator Mike Enzi 


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