Relish the rumble


With only three days of the Weston County Fair left, the next big event for this area is the 77th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which officially begins tomorrow, August 4, and runs through August 13.

The welcome mat has already been rolled out and is clearly visible here in our community. The first sign that catches your eye is that the middle of Main Street is blocked off for motorcycle parking and will remain so until August 21. You’ve probably smelled the BBQ roasting, seen that signs are up, tables and chairs are out, and noticed the relaxation of the open container ordinance directly in front of Perkin’s Tavern on Main Street.

Reports estimate that the Rally brings in approximately 500,000 people and $800 million in revenue to the state of South Dakota. Some of those 500,000 people will visit, shop and stay here, and we want them to. We welcome them along with the economic boost they provide. If you think about that many people passing through this area within a week’s time, it really is incredible.

Motorcyclists— as well as other tourists— are in awe of the entire area, and you have to admit there really is no place quite like Black Hills. We are blessed with seeing the beauty of this area everyday, and oftentimes we may end up taking this for granted.

We should not.

Every year at this time we get reminded of how lucky we are when motorcyclists express how much they like the beauty of our area and the welcoming environment that is so much a part of the Sturgis Rally. Some even say they would eventually like to live here.

There is a good chance you will cross paths with these bikers, and we encourage you to be welcoming and friendly. Some will need directions to a mechanic shop or grocery store or help finding a restaurant or motel. This week is the perfect time to showcase our community and western hospitality.

And please remember to be extra cautious while traveling in the area and allow extra time to get to your destination.


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