Red Owl comes to town


This week’s Main Street story holds special memories for Leonard Cash, who once worked for the Red Owl grocery store in Newcastle. Red Owl occupied the downtown building that today houses Something Healthy and Lonesome Spur Antiques. Cash recounted the history of block 7, lots 14 and 15, starting in 1891. The historic Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps show that as of 1891, the lots were sold separately, though they later combined to house a larger building spanning the two lots.

In the early days, the building on lot 14 was separated into two businesses. That part of the building that faced Main Street housed a barber shop, while the back half of the building was a boarding house for women. A saloon was added in 1896, and that same year, the Lincoln Land Company sold to A.P. Long, according to Weston County Courthouse records.

In 1903, a cobbler shop was located in lot 14, along with a dime store. O. Neill owned the cobbler shop and, in 1905, the News Letter Journal reported that he charged 75 cents for a half-sole nailed, $1.50 for a half-sole sewed and 50 cents for girls’ and boys’ half-soles.


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