Red Owl comes to town Part III


Red Owl sold its seven stores in the Black Hills in April 1967. In addition to the Newcastle store, two stores were located in Custer and Hot Springs, South Dakota, and three were in Rapid City. The stores were then renamed to Farrier Red Owl upon the completion of the sale. In other words, instead of being a company store, the Red Owl stores were then privately owned agency stores, property of a Mr. Farrier. Despite the change in leadership, Farrier Red Owl planned to continue operating as it had under previous ownership. For instance, Farrier Red Owl continued its partnership with S & H Green Trading Stamps.

“You’d get so many stamps for the amount of money you spent, and then you could buy pretty much anything you wanted with the stamps from an S & H office or store. They were just about the size of a postage stamp. In, fact I think that company is still in business! People used to bring in stacks of those things, and then send them in to the company for whatever product they wanted, which was a pretty good deal,” Cash explained, adding that S & H also sent out a catalogue.

However, Farrier Red Owl itself did not last long, as the stores joined with the Piggly Wiggly chain in the summer of 1968. There were 11 Piggly Wiggly stores in the area at that time. The partnership must have dissolved shortly because Piggly Wiggly moved into Newcastle, taking over Farrier Red Owl and all stores in the area as of May 1969. Les Curry managed the store and Jim Howe worked as the market manager in the meat department. According to Cash, the switch to the Piggly Wiggly didn’t bring much change to the exterior of the building, except for the installation of a metal pig on the side of the building.


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