Red Owl comes to town Part II


Last week’s issue of the News Letter Journal covered the beginning years of Main Street’s block 7, lots 14 and 15, along with the establishment of the Red Owl chain in Newcastle. Red Owl was first located where Perkins Tavern now sits, yet the store soon moved across the street.

In Dec. of 1940, an article in the newspaper announced that excavation work had started on a new building for the Red Owl store, located across the street from its then-current location in block 7, lots 14 and 15. A Jan. 30, 1941, follow-up on the new construction stated that the work was being done by Lawrence Kaudy of Hot Springs.

The News Letter Journal reported on April 3, 1941 the following: “Seven-thirty, Friday morning, April 4, marks the opening of the largest, finest super market food store in Newcastle — the Red Owl Super Market. An elaborate grand opening has been planned, according to Red Owl management. Hundreds of outstanding food values have been arranged in the store and there will be free gifts galore for all persons attending the grand opening sale, which will continue thru Saturday and Monday, April 5th and 7th.”


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