Pride in our patriotism


When the News Letter Journal announced we were launching the Newcastle Legacy Series this spring, we anticipated that the residents of this community would embrace the concept.

When around 200 people showed up on Memorial Day to relive the lynching of Diamond Slim with us, we knew that the idea of bringing the community together by celebrating our heritage was a good one.

When three-to-four times that many people showed up on Main Street for our Fourth of July parade and the re-enactment of President Theodore Roosevelt’s speech here in 1903,  it validated the faith we had that our residents would become active participants in the effort to promote Newcastle.

We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us breathe new life into the community we all love, and hope you are all on board to build on the momentum that has been created and keep the ball rolling in our little town.

Because Newcastle’s Legacy Summer did not end when the final chords of the RaeLynn concert faded and gave way to the “pops” and colorful displays from the fireworks on the hill next to the orange water tank.

The NLJ is moving forward with plans to re-enact the battle of Lightning Creek and the funeral procession of Sheriff Billy Miller in October, and there are a number of other individuals and businesses who are making plans to celebrate our community and its heritage with their own events in the next couple of months.

We ask that you support those efforts as much as you’ve supported ours — and look forward to seeing you at the next get together!


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