POY Candidate Leonard Cash: He’s a community treasure


Fueled by a never-ending curiosity and sense of pure wonderment about times past, Newcastle native Leonard Cash continues to pursue any and all things historical, particularly in regards to the city of Newcastle and its people. Cash’s work with the News Letter Journal to recount and explain the history of Newcastle, block by block and lot by lot, coupled with his work in the community over his near 80 years in the area, makes him a fitting candidate for the 2017 Person of the Year.

Deemed the “town historian” by many, the “library man” by some, and “Papa” by one, Cash has quite the reputation as the go-to guy for all things historical. Cash’s eager willingness to share with anyone interested makes his knowledge all the more priceless to those both near and far. With inquirers as far as Ireland and as close as his granddaughter, Cash is sure to make time for any and all things historical.


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