Politics of the past are dooming our future


Dear Editor,

What in the world is going on?

As if we didn’t have enough problems right here at home, Trump is over in the east end of the Mediterranean poking that hornets nest!

In the Far East his mirror image, Kim Jung Un, is perhaps amused, but more likely offended by the Donald’s rants, raves and personal insults.

When you put two unstable narcissists together, the outcome is likely to be exciting— without which we can do very well, thank you.

His appointment to head up the Department of Interior is literally giving away our national wealth.  Coal, oil, you name it, all gone to the best buddies. I suppose that some  of the value will find a way to “trickle back” to the people in the administration. They are pretty good at that.

On top of that, he is promising big tax cuts, yughe tax cuts! They would be for himself and the one percent at the top end of the wealth scale— not for the likes of you and I.

You and I get the other end of the stick, the short end. How does this “make America great again?”

This, of course, high-lights a major flaw in our political system. Whether we choose to address the problem of our politically ignorant electorate or not remains to be seen.

Koch and friends have deployed a movement to organize a “Convention of States.” This is akin to an Article 25 Constitutional Convention where they could possibly write into law that the rest of us are consigned to a permanent class subservient to the Oligarchs. Not that we aren’t  already.

Make no mistake, this is no pipe dream.  The Kochs and their friends have put some serious money into “The State Policy Network,” writing new laws that will further their radical Libertarian goals.

To execute these plans they have trained and experienced squads of lawyers organized as the American  Legislative Exchange (ALEC). For some time already, ALEC has been visiting statehouses, writing laws for the elected State Senators and Representatives. Yes, they have already been to Wyoming and South Dakota, along with about 48 other states.

Yes, they are getting stronger and more effective. This battle is neither about liberal vs. conservative nor Republican vs. Democrat. It is about who will control the American government from now until the next revolution.

One might conclude that I favored Hillary over The Donald. If you did, you missed the point entirely.

Neither candidate promoted anything resembling a decent program for the U.S. to follow. Both revealed a level of affiliation with “Big Business” that is entirely detrimental to the welfare of “The People.” No good would come to our country with either candidate.

We can only blame ourselves. We allowed ourselves to be led astray by the best (most expensive) show on earth. It is way past the time when we should examine the path our country is on— and to what destination.

Every indication is that Bill, Donald, Hillary and the others are all self-serving first, last and always.  We, the people, are no more than pawns being played by the candidates and the elected. We are lied to, manipulated, entertained, outraged and ultimately used to attain their ambitions.  Needless to say, their ambitions do not match ours!

The arena in which this scene is played, national political campaigns, is littered with lies, half-truths and innuendo. To the extent that we accept these “game pieces” is the degree to which we allow ourselves to be egregiously misled.

Our national economic information— taxes, spending, debt, even systems— have all been maliciously misused to gain some political advantage.

Unless and until we put aside those old, worn-out political positions and arguments— along with their accompanying goals— we will be tied to an insufferable past. This is not an easy transition.

But, it is essential.

—Jerry Baird


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