Our role


There have certainly been better years economically, both for Newcastle and the News Letter Journal, but as we looked back on 2017, we were proud of the things we did— as a business and newspaper— to help promote our community. We are even more excited to move forward with a commitment to do more of the same in 2018.

We will continue to promote our downtown district by sharing its history— as seen through the eyes of Leonard Cash— each week.

We will continue to produce special products and publications designed to not only attract more visitors to the community, but also make it more attractive to them once they’ve arrived.

We will continue to produce award-winning advertisements for local businesses, and are eager to work with them to build eye-catching campaigns that get their message out and build loyalty with you— their customers.

We will continue to share stories of new and successful business ventures in Weston County, and look forward to forging relationships with more of this area’s hard-working entrepreneurs in the weeks to come.

We will continue to introduce our readers to the people who make this community what it is, and we’re not just talking about government and business leaders. We want to tell the stories of all the people who have interesting stories to tell, and hope you’ll drop us a line and let us know if you think we’re leaving anybody out!

We will, of course, continue to provide you with all of the news, sports, events and other information you’ve come to rely on us for, but we think a newspaper’s primary purpose is whatever its community needs it to be.

As Wyoming makes its way out of the energy bust, and charts its path towards a new future, we think Weston County needs a newspaper committed to promoting the community and ensuring long-term economic success and security. That was the vital role that most newspapers were originally created for— particularly in the American west— and its a role we’re excited to play for you in 2018!


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