Our hearts and brains have been frozen by politics


Dear Editor,

It always was and certainly still is “all about the money.” Neither Democrat nor Republican can claim clean hands. 

Over 700 Billion of our dollars have been sent (spent) through 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to the politicians who wrote and passed that spending bill. Some of that $700 Billion may actually trickle down to the Army, Navy and Air Force, but why?  

It simply can not be justified. There is no world war going on at present.

The national Secretary of Education is trying her best to close public schools and make parents pay private vendors of education to teach our kids.  Ninety-nine percent of those charter schools are worse than non-functional. They will ruin the futures of our present crop of children. It is a rare kid that can “make-up” for that missing education— if he even tries.

Nearly a thousand kids have been thrown into prison and they have no idea why! The rest of us don’t know either. Nor can we find any reasonable justification.

I don’t know, but it is likely that some of those prisons are the new “for profit” privately owned prisons which, no doubt, kick back some of that profit to the politicians who facilitated that sorry mess.

An untold number of Americans of all ages, especially the very young and the very old, suffer the effects of ill health. It simply costs more than they have in their piggy banks. 

We all just stand on the sidelines wring our hands, and excuse our inaction by trying to blame the victims.  

That’s the lowest form of arrogance. What kind of inhumane indifference has frozen our brains and hearts?

Our fearless leader, elected by a flaw in our otherwise highly esteemed Constitution, arranged for a tax cut that will make the infamous Koch Brothers, as well as himself, richer still!  Much richer.  

Our children and our children’s children will be trying to pay for that largesse well into the next century.

We, the majority of the electorate, caused this insanity.  We have been played by a fairly competent player. He didn’t really need much skill to bamboozle us. We were busy denigrating those less fortunate than ourselves.

I’m sure that the great apes on the hillsides of Kilimanjaro show greater compassion.

—Jerry Baird


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