Our good intentions have put us on the road to hell


Dear Editor,

It seems that there are three or four levels of political activity. Like most other folks, I didn’t quite understand about that.

The most obvious is all the advertising that is not very deep in meaning, but carefully crafted to be persuasive if not necessarily very truthful. These political parties are quite useful to those who want to “get ahead and make some real money.” Or to arrange for laws that prevent the government from collecting an adequate share of the national wealth.

The purpose and good intentions of our government are outlined in the Preamble, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, “good intentions” are trumped (no pun intended) by the nature of man. As has been said many times before: “The highway to Hell is paved with “good intentions.”  The “nature” of man seems to be little restricted or reviled by our duly elected representatives and senators.  Plain and simple, the “nature of man” is the “law of the jungle”— take what you can, and don’t look back at the devastation that you have caused.

Since the USA is a relatively young country, our history of exercising the law of the jungle and killing or subjugating natives is shorter than older countries of the world.

Our short (incomplete) list of the vanquished starts as late as 1620, though some may argue in favor of using 1492. Herewith is an incomplete list of profitable ventures we won or gained control of— most of North America using biological warfare (infected blankets) in the northeast, slaughter with gunfire in the west and deception with broken treaties all over, militarily conquered northern Mexico, Hawaii, bloody disruptions in Central America and the Pacific. Our local historians can correct and flesh out the list. In more modern times we have Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan (again), Iraq (again) and by proxy Yemen.

Each of these ventures was quite profitable. Except for a few, the considerable profits went to a cabal of arms merchants and the politicians who brought “our” government to the party to play and to pay.  One way or another we ordinary citizens had the privilege of paying into this abomination. One way or another ‘our’ politicians collected handsome commissions. If you approve of this arrangement no change is necessary.

If you want out of this “murder for hIre” cabal, you must make some changes.

—Jerry Baird


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