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KateLynn Slaamot

NLJ Correspondent

Not everyone knows from a young age what they’re going to be when they “grow up,” but for Susie Button, a former Newcastle High School student and the daughter of John and Stacey Button, a longtime dream became a reality. 

She spent eight years after high school working toward her goal of becoming a veterinarian. She completed two years at Eastern Wyoming College, two years at the University of Wyoming, and four years at Iowa State University before graduating with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, or DVM. 

“I’ve kind of always known that that was what I wanted to do,” Susie said. As a child, she watched Dr. Pete Vorpahl, who has since retired from the Salt Creek Veterinary Clinic, while he worked with animals. She said that Vorpahl was always very kind and allowed her to observe as he helped her understand what he was doing, and she took on a deep interest in veterinary medicine from a very young age.

Susie also had a strong desire to help animals, enabling them to achieve what they were meant to do. Having learned a great deal in her schooling, she is very excited to put her knowledge into practice.


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