No knees please


Dear Editor,

There’s a pretty good reason I’ll be skipping this football season, as bad as I hate to miss one of my guilty pleasures. Those prima donnas taking a knee, will get no kinda support from me. It’s one of my Matter Of Principles measures.

Now I’m not one to raise a racket, but if I had me an NFL jacket, I think I’d take a torch to the thing. If I possessed a season ticket, I’d burn it too and go picket, and for the Home of the Brave proudly sing.

Those clowns disrespectful manner, regarding the Star Spangle Banner, is a spit in the face of true heroes. There needs to be a few chats, with these spoiled millionaire brats, to inform them they’re not being role models, but zeroes!

It’s quite clear they need saving, from their self destructive miss-behaving, before they take a match to the flag next and burn it. This looks to be proof in absentia, that playing football causes dementia, cause even when given good advice they can’t learn it.

If the team owners and coaches would give ultimative reproaches, they could bring a quick halt to this stupid fad. There could even be affirmative actions to promote the patriotic factions, and they could quit making most of their customers mad.

But in the meantime I guess, those two beers per game I will miss, and I can squeeze in some more work or naps. It’ll seem kinda strange, but I’ll get used to the change, and accomplish more of my own goals, perhaps.

—Jim Darlington


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