My inspiration


Dear Editor,

Out in my little house on the prairie (By the way one of the finest in the nation), Right there on the lid to the throne, is chiseled a most wonderful inspiration.

I’m not certain whether it’s the look in his eyes, (At least the one that is open), or if his whole demeanor is the thing, that leaves me all positive and hopin’. 

With one pistol out and his hand on the other, Pistol Pete looks like he’s loaded for bear. You can tell whatever foe has him stirred up, would be well advised to beware.

Now some brain damaged folks are attacking my hero, He’s racist and sexist we are told. But we know such propaganda is a big lie, we fans of the Brown and Gold. 

If they don’t believe in exceptionalism, truth, justice, and the American way, not a single thing is keeping them here, they could depart for Venezuela today.

Those seeking to create an unwanted division will not get a free ride on easy street, and they someday may come to understand, not to mess with the likes of Pistol Pete.

—Jim Darlington


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