Multiple use


It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed like nothing was going right at the Weston County Fairgrounds, but judging from this week’s newspaper, things have taken a significant turn for the better. Prior to playing host to another successful RPM Days over the weekend, dozens of area children used the facility to tune up for the County Fair at a Youth Livestock Camp, and if you’re more drawn to artistic endeavors than you are to mud and manure, a photography showcase is being held at the County Events Center later this month.

Attracting people to the facility by encouraging the use of it for a variety of different events has long been viewed as vitally important to a revitalization of the Fairgrounds, and we are glad to see that a growing number of residents are starting to use a resource that has been under-utilized in this county for decades.

It is just as rewarding to note in our county budget story on the next page that the facility generated more revenue than anticipated in the past year, and that’s something we can all celebrate and support.


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