Moving up Main Street


Leonard Cash continued recounting the history of Newcastle’s Main Street buildings, moving into Block 7, Lot 13, the space that is now home to Ramsey Real Estate. A man by the name of Henry Leppla bought the land on the east side of Annette and Jerry Koester’s building—discussed in the past two issues of the News Letter Journal— on Dec. 5, 1892, according to records at the Weston County Courthouse.

The initial building’s exact date of construction is unknown, but Cash speculated that it was constructed sometime in 1893. Much like the other historic buildings lining Newcastle’s Main Street, the one-story framed building has seen its fair share of occupants over the years.

“In the early days, the building was home to a barbershop, pool hall and café,” said Cash, adding that Leppla had both the Palace Barber Shop and a pool hall in the building. The building next housed a grocery and dry goods store in 1896. In 1903, the building was a restaurant and, in 1907, a barbershop and pool hall.


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