Memorial service offers healing


Dear Editor,

HLC of Weston County is again planning our annual Memorial Service. This was first started in 1994.

The service will be on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 7 p.m. in the Michaels Room at the Senior Citizens Center in Newcastle.

The service is designed to praise God and celebrate the memory of lives we have lived with— family, friends, and neighbors— and to acknowledge our loss. We will praise God through music and the reading of scripture. We will celebrate the memory of the lives lost from our midst through the lighting of a candle for each name. A list of names is obtained of those who have passed on in 2017 in this area, but anyone in Weston County may add names of ones they want to remember that die outside of this area, or in some other year, to our list of people. To add a name to the list,  please phone Carol Gustin at (307) 746-9995 and leave a message.

We encourage everyone that has had their lives touched by the death of someone to bring your family and join us in remembering your loved one, and to participate in this memorial service and light a candle in memory of a friend or relative and remember the impact that person had on your life.

It is with this service and through the support of friends and family that we hope to help you find a way that you may have meaningful memories of your loved one. We welcome all to come. Refreshments will follow the service.

—The Board of Directors

Homer Hastings, Leroy Dummer, Carolyn Ellerton, Elizabeth Goodart, Carol Gustin, Ken Pitlick, LaVonne Roberts and Kay Thomas


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