May is made for God blessed Americans


Dear Editor,

It’s May in the most wonderful  place on earth. America! 

I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I say to myself:

What a wonderful world. 

I just quoted a song from the great Louie (Satchmo) Armstrong. Only in America can a guy from anywhere go to sleep a pauper and wake up a millionaire. Only in America can a kid without a cent grow up to be president. Only in America, the land of opportunity. 

Boy Howdy! Thank you May and the Americans.

May 1st is for May Day baskets, and I hope you all received one. May 5th was Cinco De Mayo, and to all my American “foxhole buddies” and my friends here in Newcastle I hope you had a great day! May 13th is Mother’s Day, and with all my emotions swelling up in me now do I wish a happy Mother’s Day to every girl that I have met thru my life— everywhere. I see this day as “ladies’ day.” No exceptions. 

I wish each and every lady a happy Mother’s Day. 

I bought my Beth a sign awhile back that reads: “He rules the roost, but {she} rules the rooster.” 

A word to the wise: know your place in life boys. Say please and thank you often, or better yet, say: I love you, till the 12th of never. That is the title of the wonderful song by Johnny Mathis.

May 28th is Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday in May. Shortly after the Civil War, a day of mourning was set aside for those men and women who died in that war. It became known as Declaration Day, and not until 1971 did it become an official holiday. 

As history is slowly being thrown aside, many celebrate it as Memorial Day weekend — a kick off for the summer months that lay ahead. So quickly do we forget. I am an American that carries no hyphen. 

I believe in America. I believe in the written words of my constitution, nothing implied. I believe that the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment! As history is my future, I will always remember: “Those who gave up all their tomorrows for our todays.”

In my ears, the sound of my freedom screams: God bless America!

—Dick Crawford


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